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Francine Shapiro Library

Created by Dr. Barbara Hensley, the Francine Shapiro Library is dedicated to Francine Shapiro, originator and developer of the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy. The purpose of this Library is to provide information for clinicians, researchers, and lay people on the effectiveness and efficaciousness of EMDR Therapy for a wide range of mental health issues. The Francine Shapiro Library (FSL) is the compendium of scholarly articles and other important writings related to the AIP and EMDR Therapy.
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EMDR Research FAQs

The EMDR Research Foundation

Founded, in 2006, the EMDR Research Foundation is a registered 501c3 dedicated to the promotion of quality, unbiased research in EMDR therapy. In an effort to inform, strengthen and expand the understanding and effective use of EMDR, ultimately the Foundation enhances the quality of life for people everywhere by facilitating healing, health and well-being.
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EMDR Current Research Listing

The EMDR Research Foundation is excited to announce a new project with the goals of both increasing access to general information about ongoing research and to increase communications between researchers. We are creating a listing of EMDR therapy research projects currently in process worldwide. This list is intended to include all current research projects related to EMDR therapy and is not limited to the projects supported by the Foundation. The aim of this project is to publish updated material to keep us all on the cutting edge of research information.
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